C. Mykhl joins #BEATOBER 2021

Starting October 1st, C. Mykhl will be participating in #BEATOBER, where each day he is required to post 1 one minute song on his social media. Now that's a lot of songwriting; 31 songs to be exact! This will be a huge challenge for C. Mykhl. However, a great kick off to his first year as a full-fledged recording artist.


#BEATOBER is an annual challenge where music producers around the world create one original beat video each day in the month of October.


This is a great way for producers/songwriters/and recording artist’s to push themselves creatively and come together as an international community for a good cause.


This year #BEATOBER will be in support of the Music & Youth Initiative, a nonprofit that creates accessible, sustainable, high quality music programs so every young person can experience the magic of music.


All proceeds from anyone who donates; from the link below, will be going to the Music & Youth Initiative  during the month of October.


you donate to C. Mykhl in the month of October, he will dedicate his next beat within the month to you! make sure you are following him on all of his channels so that you can see the post!


See videos from BEATOBER 2020: 



For more info check out the leader of #BEATOBER; Taetro, on his website: https://www.taetro.com/beatober