Our Story

C. Mykhl is an Recording Artist/Actor, Dancer, and Music Producer that resides in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Carlsbad California, C. Mykhl (Christopher Michael Lacey) grew up in the suburbs of San Diego California. Performing since the age of three, C. Mykhl got his professional start on a TV show for kids with Mc Gruff the (D.A.R.E.) Crime dog. At the young age of 7, C. Mykhl saw the TV show FAME, and knew his place was in New York City.

After moving to NYC, C. Mykhl exploded onto the Jersey scene rocking audiences in a show entitled RADIOACTIVE at Six flags Great Adventure. As a soloist, he garnered near-rabid fans -- who still continue to enthusiastically follow his career. During RADIOACTIVE, C. Mykhl received a callback for the TV show POPSTARS 2. According to Grammy award winning Songwriter/Producer David Foster, “Chris, you are an amazing performer,” David Foster explains, “But, due to this specific project (POPSTARS 2) I will not be able to move you any further, although this industry is definitely for you, I do look forward to seeing more of you in the future.”

C. Mykhl took that as the green light approval from the music industry and began developing songs, quickly joining ASCAP, all while ghostwriting, Acting in Television and Musical Theatre.  He began collaborating on tracks with artists such as Don Medina, Kajmir Royale, Jonathan Roland, Agustin Melendez, General Smiley and yes, Michael Jackson!  However, through this process he struggled to find his unique sound.

Upon meeting Elijah “The Wolf,” Brown and Templeton “Tru The Producer,” Wolf heard C. Michael’s song “Missed out,” a song written after C. Mykhl found out the passing of his father that he never met. Wolf told C. Mykhl “You sound too Musical Theater.”  So they began working on creating C. Mykhl’s Pop/Rock sound while they recorded the vocals for “Today” at Atlantic/Warner’s recording studio.

C. Mykhl is comfortable behind the microphone as he is on stage, or on the set of a Prime/Day Time Television show. He has been seen on ALL MY CHILDREN, SEX AND THE CITY, THE DAVE CHAPPELLE SHOW; and on stage in A CHORUS LINE, CATS, ALL SHOOK UP, and Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.

This ambitious, emerging talent is ready for any undertaking!