C. Mykhl released his first EP ‘Fast’ of 2019

New indie pop artist C. Mykhl (Christopher Michael Lacey) has recently released his 1st single of 2019. 

Despite ghostwriting in the industry for years, the San Diego based recording artist is now picking up a strong following through a word of mouth buzz, and social media. 

This year has been fast paced for the new artist, even though his last live show was 2 years ago. C. Mykhl’s first live show was at Rockbar to raise money for Broadway Cares: Broadway Bares. 

Inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and Fall Out Boy; along with the producing influences of Jimmy Jam & Terri Lewis, Timbaland, and Max Martin, C. Mykhl takes aspects of each of his inspiration to create music that is relevant to today rather than a regurgitation of past genres. “Fast” is an EP written from the perspective of a guy that wants to take his time with his flings, however his male fling seems to just want to live on the edge, fast! 

C. Mykhl is currently recording 2 singles, “ Don’t Let Me Down,” (Produced by Sergio Dominus, and Elijah The Wolf), and “Life,” which will be released in  March and April along with 9 more EP’s for this year. Which one will be released each month, which will be available via all major media providers. For information about his upcoming tour dates or any future live shows and releases, follow C. Mykhl on social media or visit his official website.

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